Livestock Services Supervisor
Title:Livestock Services Supervisor
Division:Animal Health
Campaign End Date:01/23/2019
Job Title: Livestock Services Supervisor
Division: Animal Health
Headquarters: West Virginia
FLSA Status: Exempt
Closing Date:  January 23, 2019

Nature of Work:
The Livestock Services Supervisor is responsible for supervising assigned field personnel and programs of the Animal Health Division and for interpreting and implementing division policy concerning Animal Disease Traceability, Scrapie Eradication, livestock market tagging site agreements, fair and festival animal exhibition entry requirements, and conducting field investigations for animal diseases or assisting foreign animal disease investigations and emergency response actions. Where applicable, the Livestock Services Supervisor effectively coordinates assigned programs with local, state, or federal agencies. Concurrent to the key supervisory role, this position also provides full grading functions of a Livestock Specialist.

Examples of Work:
• Provides direction, support, and training to field staff and programs on a continuous basis.
• Reviews and approves time and attendance reports, leave slips, expense accounts, weekly activity reports, vehicle logs, and other field staff documentation.
• Identifies training needs for field staff, makes personnel recommendations, assigns work responsibilities, and schedules and evaluates job performances.
• Responsible for ensuring program accomplishments for grading operations at livestock auction markets and sales.
• Inputs market reporting into required database to enhance state livestock promotion.
• Coordinates the preparation of unit reports for the Division, including proofreading and editing.
• Suggests needed revisions for legislative code and rules pertaining to unit programs.
• Assists in the development of the unit's budget for personal services, supplies, and equipment.
• Interprets statutes, regulations, and policies to staff, other managers, and the public.
• Attends Department and Division staff meetings, carries out directives of the Commissioner, Executive Staff, and Division Director and is available for consultation about on-going or proposed activities of the unit.
• Represents the Department/Division and West Virginia at regional meetings, as necessary.
• Maintains contact with federal agencies, as well as state and local government agencies, as necessary, for the purpose of intergovernmental cooperation.
• Coordinates work plans and estimates the resource needs for personnel and equipment.
• Interprets and implements divisional policy concerning statewide livestock regulations.
• Works with multiple agency investigations, collects and documents evidence chain of custody, consults with Department investigator about cases and evidence.
• Promotes and practices biosecurity for supervised personnel and industry stakeholders.
• Assist livestock producers by promoting best management animal husbandry practices including procedures for detection of diseases.
• Cleans and disinfects trucks and equipment in event of disease outbreak.
• Collects heads of deceased sheep/goats on WV farms for USDA Scrapie Surveillance Program.
• Performs animal exhibition entry inspections during fair and festival season.
• Provides informational services to farmers/producers.
• Other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:
Sitting, standing, walking, driving, lifting up to 50 pounds, functioning in proximity of working machinery and livestock, outside work and exposure to inclement weather, and use of personal protective equipment as necessary. Travel including overnight stay as necessary.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Knowledge of the organization and programs of the Division, Department, and applicable federal program procedures.
• Knowledge of large animals, small animals, and poultry and their diseases.
• Knowledge of livestock handling practices for all types and sizes of livestock.
• Knowledge of state and federal animal health laws and regulations.
• Knowledge of the department supervisory standards and procedures.
• Knowledge of state government organization, programs and functions.
• Knowledge of federal, state, and local government relationships as they relate to the program, mission, and operations of the unit.
• Knowledge of appropriate laboratory procedures and proper procedures to prevent the existence and spread of diseases.
• Skilled in keeping detailed records using hand held data collections devices, global positioning devices and other equipment necessary to perform job duties.
• Ability to plan, direct, and coordinate field activities of the unit.
• Ability to supervise and schedule others effectively.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other government officials, employees, and the public.
• Ability to present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.

Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, animal and nutritional science, or related field.
Experience: Seven years of full-time paid employment as a certified livestock grader.
Certification: Must have current livestock grader certification.
Substitutions: Graduation from an accredited college or university with an associate’s degree in agriculture, animal and nutritional science, or related field plus five years’ experience working with livestock in related fields may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.

Additional Requirements:
• Valid driver’s license is required.
• Satisfactory completion of pre-employment drug testing.
• Satisfactory completion of pre-employment law enforcement background investigation, including DMV records.
• Must maintain a positive image of the Commissioner, West Virginia Department of Agriculture, and the State of West Virginia.
This description is subject to review and revision at the discretion of the Commissioner and designees.
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